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I have been going to school for some time. Last semester I should have graduated, but I had difficulties and issues I had to deal with. Unfortunately, that cut into my study time and I wound up 6 points short to pass and now I have to take the class over. Usually it would not be a big deal except for one small thing. I am in the Nursing program and the class is only offered once a year. So I have to wait until Spring 2011 to take the class over. In the meantime, I have 2 classes I need to take so I am taking them this semester.

The first class is Intro to Psych. Now why would I have to take this over when I took PSY232 and passed with an A and I already took PSY101? Well they said it was too old. Maybe its just me, but I am thinking the basics of Psych have not changed much over the last 15 years. Anyway, I have to take that class and a public speaking course. I was going to take them over the summer but I decided to take the summer off and take the classes in the fall.

In order for the classes to not clash with work, I am taking them in the morning. So I am taking an introductory course, in the morning, in the fall of 2010. You know what that means? I am the oldest person in the class by about 20 years! I am old enough to be the father of my classmates and it is a bit unnerving but it’s only one semester so no big deal. I will finish it and pass with 2 easy A’s. So there is always a good thing to look forward to… a double-rainbow if you will!

I ordered my book online and I have to wait for them to arrive so I can start doing the reading. Next week, no classes because of labor day. I never thought way back when that I would be going back to school. I hated school, ESPECIALLY High School. I was not popular but everyone knew me. I did enough to pass my classes… barely. I hung out with the same people from the time I was little up until now. I was never really bullied or ridiculed… but I also was not seen as the person I am today.

If I was asked in 1988 if I would ever to go college, let alone go TWICE!!I would have laughed out loud and said “No freakin’ WAY!” Today… I love school. I like to learn and I hate receiving bad grades. I do this really new thing which I NEVER did before… study! I am still not a fan. In fact, I do not really know how to study, to be honest. But I do my reading and try my best to understand the material presented to me. I did pretty good, up until last semester that is.

So while I watched the messages of all my friends graduating and passing the NCLEX making them RN’s, I sat silently in the background cheering them on, but with my tail between my legs from the shame of failing. I only have one more chance to pass this class and I hope the teachers are fair in their testing.


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