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We all experience failure at some time. Up until the 4th grade I was a really good student. Then, going into the 4th grade something happened and I just did not do better than mediocre after that. I was not in special Ed classes or anything. I just did enough to pass and nothing more. I was never left back, but I did have to go to summer school a couple of times.

When I decided to go into the Health field after over 12 years working with computer, it was a big deal. It was something I really want to do and know I will be very successful at it. I worked hard to get through my pre-requisites and never received a grade lower than a B (which from my school record from High School is a miracle). I performed well in all my classes until my final class, final semester.

I did all the work, I did the reading, and I studied more than I studied in my life yet I could not pass a single test to save my life. I failed the class by 3 points. 3 lousy points!!! I was devastated and felt embarrassed, ashamed, humiliated and above all stupid. No matter how bad I did in High school I never felt stupid because I knew I could do better… I just didn’t. This was different. I worked EXTREMELY hard to pass and still did not pass.

To make matters worse, in order to take this one class over, I had to wait since they only offer the class in the spring semester only. And not only did I have to wait, they add more humiliation to it by making you write a letter stating why you feel you did not pass and what you would do to succeed in the next attempt. Seriously!!! If I had failed economics in an accounting major I would just take the class over but with nursing I have to explain why I didn’t pass. To be honest, many people in that class didn’t pass a single test but with the extra work added they passed overall.

I was felt so dumb and humiliated I didn’t tell anyone why I failed, I just told them I was graduating a year later than originally expected. I was even embarrassed that my in-laws and family would think I was dumb because I failed the last class in the last semester in order to graduate!

So in an attempt to try and feel a little better about it I looked up people who failed initially when they tried something. I was amazed at what I found. Now I am not saying that I will become famous, although it would be nice to be well known and leave a permanent mark in the history books somehow, but it does make you see things in perspective and that failing a class or a business or even a job doesn’t mean you will fail in all things with life.

Here is what I found:


  1. Albert Einstein was expelled from school and denied entrance to Zurich Polytechnic School even though he later won the noble prize and is considered a genius.
  2. Charles Darwin was thought of by his teachers and father and having below normal intellect, yet we still know him today for his scientific studies.
  3. Winston Churchill did not do well in school and even failed the 6th grade before he eventually became the Prime Minister of the UK.
  4. Dick Cheney failed out of Yale twice before becoming Vice President of the United States

Knowing this did make me feel a LOT better and makes me know I just have to work harder so I pass this class and fulfill my desire to become a Nurse.


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