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This prompt was not too hard to choose. I mean I could write about any of them, but this one caught my mind the most. My entry my not COMPLETELY be as expected but this is my blog so nanny nanny poo poo!

A time someone was proud of me would have been my mother… the day I decided to go to school to become a nurse. The reason I say “go to school to become a nurse” and not Nursing School is because, well, being a dude the former sounds cooler as outlined in the Bro Code!

I originally started blogging in 2006 on my myspace account. I blogged every day for 6 months and then stopped. It helped me deal with stuff I was going through with my mother passing and “things I had on my mind” which for a guy translates to feelings I hadn’t dealt with yet.

Blogging helped me express things I was feeling and be able to assist my dad.

When my mother passed I took some time and then I signed up for some classes I needed so I could apply for the Nursing curriculum at a local college.

I will graduate in May and I am quite certain my mother is looking down on me smiling. I did fail a class and had to wait a year to repeat it. In that year I did a lot fo thinking realized that, although I was down and felt I had disappointed her, this was another thing of something which needed to happen and there was a silver lining which I was missing.

The year 2011 is going to be a HUGE year for me. In May I will be graduating college and be a Graduate Nurse. In June/July my wife will give birth to our first child (which we have decided to NOT know the sex of because he/she is what they are and we will love them unconditionally). And I know this because I know my mother was not disappointed in my failure, she was proud of me because I brushed myself off, gave myself 50 lashes and then jumped right back on that horse.

I WILL BE an RN sometime around August! I will ALSO be a first time father sometime in July! And I did it to make my wife happy and proud of me. I did it to make my mother proud of me and I know she is somewhere telling her angelic friends about her youngest son… who just graduated school and became a nurse AND has the CUTEST kid EVER!! I mean don’t we ALL have the cutest kid ever!

So my time of when someone was proud of me will be May of 2011 when all my stress ended and I graduated. When I finally received my college diploma. When I became one LARGE step closer to becoming what I realized I wanted to do that day in the hospital room when I told my mother goodbye! When I finally become a father for the first time… at 40!!! (I guess it’s a good thing my wife is only 30!)

The things we do all our life is usually to make our loved ones happy and proud. They are happy and proud because they are there with us in helping with our dreams. They support us when we realize our dreams or make our dreams become a reality. We sometimes don’t even realize it, but we also try to make our missing parts of our family proud of us because somewhere we feel they are watching us and we never want to let them down.

Thank you for listen to my ramble/rant!


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Here I am on my SECOND writer’s workshop! I have to say, these are fun and definitely help me with ideas, plus having a deadline… makes it easier to write!

Now, onto my post!

Prenuptial Agreements. There is a LOT of controversary over this topic. Most of the people I know say they are the devil and others say its no big deal. My PERSONAL opinion is the latter.

To me, if you care about someone, their money should NOT be an issue. If that person is nervous about their money… sign on the dotted line. Unfortunately, people have no idea what honor or respect is anymore and when a marriage ends no one can just say “let’s put a number on everything and split it 50/50”.

Nowadays, people are selfish… EXTREMELY selfish. Maybe its just the people I see and deal with in my area, or maybe it’s just the people I have to deal with in the ER, but I think its just people in general, regardless of where they are from. Many people will say they will do anything for the other person but when push comes to shove, they really won’t.

I think a prenuptial agreement should be done if the person you “allegedly” love feels better about it. If you REALLY want to do something for the “love of your life” and you do not have any thoughts of your marriage ending, then do it. Sign it. I know I would.

When my wife and I were married, she had money… quite a bit of money, and I did not. I had just finished paying off EVERYTHING except my car. If she had asked me to sign a pre-nup I would not have hesitated to do so. It would show her that I am there for HER not her money, because I am here for her and not because of her credit score.

HOWEVER, there are the people who feel it’s a sign of mistrust. They feel that if your significant other asks you to sign one then they are after something of yours and not just to be with you. In some cases, I tend to agree. If the agreement is made to ensure that the money you had before coming into the marriage AS WELL AS the money he had are returned to you both, then that’s fine. But then there is what normally happens.

I know someone who was asked to sign a pre-nup. When that happened she made her side of it to obtain a percentage of his company each year for x amount of years. So if she was married for 5 years she would obtain x% of the profits of his company as long as his company existed even though she had NOTHING to do with the company and it was successful before he ever met her. In this case I feel the person is a gold digger and is trying to get something for nothing.

If people just did the right thing, then a pre-nup would be nothing out of the ordinary. But then again, if everyone did the right thing then this world would be such a great place.

So, my opinion is YAY to a prenuptial agreement as long as no one is trying to obtain something from their spouse which they did not earn. And just being married to the person is not earning a percentage of their company or being entitled to half their money which they had saved prior to marriage or even meeting!

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The first week is done and over with and I feel a little behind as well as a little better prepared! I remember last year when I was not ready and it showed on the first test. I busted my butt everyday after that and still it never showed. But here I am again this year. Finishing the last year of Nursing and I KNOW I am ready but do not feel fully “prepared”.

My lecture Professor is AWESOME! I wish I had her last year! I am fairly certain I would have passed and be an RN right now! My lecture professor is down to earth and, although she skips around a bit, seems like she is approachable should I need to ask her for help or ask a question. My last Professors tried to make us feel that way, but just did not possess that trait in her personality. It’s not her fault, it’s just the way she is. My new professor… VERY approachable and doesn’t make anyone feel like crap if they do not know the answer.

Second, my clinical professor is awesome as well. She also seems down to earth and makes you feel like you can ask her anything, even if its as dumb as “what is ASA?” and she would not bat an eye to answer the question. THAT is what ALL the professors should be like. To me, being a teacher is to teach someone something they do not know, not bully them or ridicule them when they ask a question. She is direct, but polite and accommodating… something that MOST of the professors lack who teach the NUR214 class.

For anyone who is curious, in Nursing school, most classes are Lecture and Lab. Lecture is regular classroom teachings and Lab is in the hospital doing rounds with patients. My School, however, makes learning VERY frustrating and annoying. In lecture, they all show powerpoint presentations to follow but most of the professors just read the powerpoint and that’s it. I mean, that is NOT teaching. I can read the presentation on my own… give me something more!!

Anyway, I am a little behind in the reading. I was trying to stay on top of it, but then the professor skipped around and now I am a little behind, but I will catch up. I am off this Saturday from work as well as today so I can get a lot of the reading done and then I am off the weekend before the test so I can study my little sneakers off.

On top of that, a week before the test is Erica’s 20 week sonogram… although it will be 21 weeks I think. We are not going to find out the sex as we just want it to be healthy and it is what it is so knowing will not change anything. Erica is a bit disappointed because her parents were going to come down so she scheduled the appointment during their visit and then, last minute, they changed their plans. Normally it is not a big deal, but I know my wife feels disappointed because she feels her parents are not just putting her first and coming down for the appoint in spite of the fact that their plans changed a bit.

It all seems like a lot, but it really isn’t.

I WILL catch up on the reading BEFORE the test and have time to study my notes so I will do well on the test.

I KNOW my in-laws love my wife VERY, VERY much and will do all they can to be there for her when the strawberry comes.

I know this is going to be a tough year, but we will get through it and we will have a great life… because I will love being a nurse and I love my wife!

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