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A Story of Love?? From a GUY!?!? Well, yes. Us guys can be strong and masculine AND be soft and squishy as well.

You see there are many different types of love. You have love for your family. Love for your friends. Love for someone special. But then you have ANOTHER kind of love. This is the kind of love you don’t understand fully until you are at that point in your life. They have written movies about it, but the explanations and depictions are not the same until you are there.

When I was younger I was VERY into the movies. That was my getaway. And in the movies, sometimes they would try and explain this situation. The portrayal is usually done VERY well, but you still don’t understand it. At least I didn’t, and I still don’t understand it completely.

You see this love is a love that never ends NO MATTER WHAT! Sometimes you hear things and you say to yourself “If that was me I would DEFINITELY not have done what he/she did.” But again, you can’t really know until you are in the situation.

Now the love I am talking about never changes. That is because it is love of your children.

In the movies they always depict it as this special moment which happens when you have the 20-week sono, even though they never say it’s the 20 week one. For me, that time changed slightly for me but not how they show it in the movie. I could not even describe to you how that moment is and that is because it is different for everyone.

For me, sitting in the doctors office at the 20 week ultrasound, I was dumbstruck and in awe. I saw the little life growing in my wife’s belly and thinking, how inm the world did we DO that? And then I thought of all the good things which I experienced growing up. All the awesome road trips dad would take us on and the amusement parks. Family adventures and getaways. But I also remembered the bad times and thought to myself that I will NEVER do any of that.

The problem is that I WILL make mistakes, as will my wife, and we will learn from as well as teach each other how this amazing little person is going to suck the life out of us change our lives forever. For better or worse we will all be in this together.

Now, back to the ultrasound, I saw this little person’s face (after squinting my eyes and turning my head and even then it was like a where’s waldo puzzle) but I saw his/her face and thought it was cute and then I saw his little arm move as if to say “Leave me alone I was sleeping now go away” and then he/she rolled over. It was amazing to see that. And that was when I felt the love. The love for this future bundle of joy who made my wife’s perfect, thin, sexy, belly into this big, round, sexy belly with a person moving inside.

As a guy we think of many things:

“How are we going to save for school?”
“Where are we going to raise him?”
“Am I going to be a good or bad dad and if so how can I make sure I am the good dad?”

We think of life differently when its not our kid. I love my nieces and nephews with all my heart and I would easily give my life for them. I loved going over and being the rough and tumble, favorite uncle. I am sure my brother and his wife and my sister and her husband were not too thrilled about trying to get a crazy kid to bed since I was able to leave… but then again, I am sure it won’t be long until they return that favor! LOL.

Both my wife and I already are filled with love for this little guy who isn’t even here yet. We can’t wait to get him here and we have so much to do, but it will all get done. And we will love our baby unconditionally forever.

We will always be there for him and do our best to raise him to be the man or woman we think he will be. We will do our best to support his decisions he makes for his life and I am sure we will drive him nuts with our advice, opinions, rules and so forth… but it will be all out of love for him… or her!

Get here already so we will know if you are a boy or girl for pete’s sake! LOL


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There are many pet peeves which annoy me. I know they shouldn’t but they do. The reason they annoy me? Well… you see… um… I kind of do some of them myself.

There, I said it. I think the reason most of us have certain pet peeves is because we are guilty of doing these things as well. Since I couldn’t talk about just one in particular, I will talk about my top 5.

  1. Talk OVER someone.

I think this is one of the RUDEST things one person can do to another. A conversation works in a very easy and basic way.

  1. You talk a little and then stop.
  2. Then you let the other person talk and listen to them.
  3. When they stop you talk in response to their statements.
  4. Repeat Step A.

I think when you talk over someone, that you are basically saying “What you are saying is boring and not as important as what I have to say!” I think part of it is that in this day and age, we are in a RUSH! When someone says something we don’t like or agree with we have to get our point across as QUICKLY as we can. We have lost respect for each other and cannot just simply be adults and wait for the person to say their side and then state our side.

I catch myself doing this sometimes. When I do, I stop and apologize and then let the other person talk. But when another party talks over, then it opens the flood gate and then both people are doing it and then NOONE hears what the other person said.


  1. Acronyms.

It doesn’t take that long to actually SAY a few words instead of making it all into an acronym. OMG, LOL, WTH! It really doesn’t take so much from our life that you cant actually laugh or say “Oh my goodness!” Originally all the acronym shorthand started online. People could not type well or fast or they didn’t want prying eyes to see what they were typing so they shortened it to acronyms.

It took off with slight differences on cell phones in Europe because a call cost so much that they would just send text messages to save on money and then we started texting like crazy here. This was, of course, before cell phones were so complicated that you had to hit the number “7” four times to achieve typing a letter “s”.

On those phones I understand typing “How Are you doing?” as “How R U doing?” Most cells have a full keyboard and most carriers have unlimited texting so… IT’S THE 21st Century People!! Learn how to SPELL things OUT!!!

This is something I do NOT do. I always spell things out… that is why I have a phone with a full keyboard!

  1. People who drive WAY too slow!!

When you are driving on the roads, there are these new things… they just invented them! They are call SPEED LIMITS! Use them.

When you are on a road marked 40 and you drive 25…. This is a time when I wish I was allowed to ram you until you go the limit. This is even MORE annoying when you are on a 65 mph highway and you get in the FAST lane and drive 45. WHAT!?!?!? If you want to drive miss daisy… at least drive her on the right so we don’t have to deal with your slowness.

I also do NOT do this either.

  1. Talking on a cell phone ON SPEAKER PHONE!

I work in an Emergency Room. We allow people to use their cell phones on the floor but I always tell them the same thing, no speaker phones and try to keep your voice down a little.

I do not want to listen to your entire conversation so I am sure othes feel the same. In fact, when you have a conversation – in public – on speakerphone, you are inviting me to join in your conversation. I can and HAVE jumped into other peoples speakerphone conversation to prove my point. It is really odd how they have no problem letting everyone hear their conversation when you don’t say anything (but of course you are listening) but change their tune when you start commenting on why sally’s boyfriend hasn’t returned her calls.

Unsolicited advice is not usually welcome… but the speakerphone turns off very quickly. J

I do NOT talk on a speakerphone.

  1. People who ask for advice but then do the exact opposite!

When you ask for advice, take it. Most of the time its better then your thoughts because they are not emotionally involved in the situatin so they can see things differently. Usually more clear than you can. And when you ask for advice, then do exactly the opposite of it… don’t act surprised when this happens on multiple occasions that they stop giving advice to you. You can only advise the stupid so far.

When you are a friend, and you are in an abusive relationship with a person… the smart thing for EVERYONE is to walk away. Especially when you can! Like when you are not married, not living together, the person has a good friend base… its easy so walk!

If you decide to stay when you have it easy to walk… don’t ask me again and again what to do because people become annoyed at stupidity easily.

I don’t usually do the opposite, but I will tell the person if I agree with their advice or disagree with it ahead of time.


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