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“Best Songs with your Windows Down” playlist

Growing up on Long Island, I remember the feeling when spring had finally arrived and we would drive all over blasting our music. During the day we would cruise Ocean Parkway and hang out on the beach under the Robert Moses overpass. At night we would race cruise Route 231 or Hempstead turnpike and meet up with friends. Most nights we would even make new friends as well as potential girlfriends! Whereever we drove we would blast out music. Bon Jovi, ACDC, Billy Joel… Hey it was the 80’s! It was a great time for us, so when I heard of this contest

So, when I heard about this Kia Rio and Spotify were running a promotion called the “Best Songs with your Windows Down” I knew I had to check it out.

Basically, what you do is go to Kia Rio Facebook Link and you search for your song then enter your name and email address and you can create a playlist. Like I did below with “I Wanna Be Sedated” by The Ramones. I chose this song because this was one of our favorite to drive all over to. It even has a meaning for myself and my best friend Mark because this was the song we were listening to on Thanksgiving while out 4-wheeling with the Duster.

SS_entry  If you click on View Playlist it will open up the Spotify website where you can download Spotify and it will open the playlist so you can see what other songs have been submitted.

Some other songs I would choose might be 1, 2, 3, 4 by the Plain White Tees and A Matter of Trust by Billy Joel… but that’s just me. So feel free to leave a comment of what songs you would choose and why, or better yet, go over to the link and submit your songs for the playlist.

And don’t forget to visit the playlist often and see what songs have been submitted. You may be pleasantly surprised to be reminded of some songs you have completely forgotten about over time.

Also, check out the Voice-Activated UVO Infotainment System powered by Microsoft. This system is an AMAZING voice activated system which allows you to play music based on genre, place phone calls and even stream music from your Bluetooth phone to the cars stereo system, all by simply pressing a button on the steering wheel and saying what you want to do, such as “Call home”.

It really is an awesome system and definitely shows us where the future of in car technology is heading.

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So this week I was looking at the prompts and there were a couple of prompts I could use… and a couple that made me realize that I am one of the few, lone daddy-bloggers among MANY mommy-bloggers. Anyway, I chose to post on the topic A LIE YOU TOLD because I did tell a lie somewhat recently and it’s been both bothering and biting me in the bum since,

I mean the lie was not a bad one, it was more a lie that just came out and instead of correcting the deception I went with it.

And I feel crummy about it.

You see, I am in Nursing school. The school I was attending was a really bad one, but I did not find this out until only 6 months left of the program. I know I talked about it once in a previous post but what happened was, with only 4 days left until my final the school decided some work I was doing was not “good enough” and kicked me out of the program. What is meant by this is that, by their own words, they told me that my work “wasn’t wrong” but they expected better from me. What? Well if I am a student and the work is not wrong, I am sure there is always room for improvement but if it’s not wrong then it should be correct – especially since I had a 79 average in the class so I obviously knew the material.

Well, enough of my rant about that, so back to the lie. With a 79 average I knew I was going to pass and my fellow coworkers knew it as well so they would always ask me about it. After I was kicked out I told my coworker friends what happened. But the coworkers I wasn’t as close with, for some reason a lie would just come out.

One person I told them that the school kept making me takes some of my older classes over so I wasn’t done. And, technically this was not a lie. They did make me take some of my older classes over and I wasn’t done yet but that wasn’t why I wasn’t done at that time. Another person I told I just needed to take the national exam but wanted to make sure I would pass it.

I feel bad about not being honest as I feel the truth ALWAYS comes out, but I was very embarrassed that I was kicked out of a program I worked so hard to get in and was kicked out of with only 4 days left.

I am in a new school now and I know I will graduate and be a REALLY great nurse, but it has taken me over 6 months to try and regain my confidence back.

Have you ever lied about something you were embarrassed about to someone?

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It’s been a couple of weeks, but I finally found time to blog. Well, only for the next few minutes since already had her 2 hour nap… lying on top of me. I am sure everyone has gone through that. You want them to sleep so you stay still, but you have things you need to get done and you calculate the probability of getting up and baby doesn’t wake up. The odds were not in my favor so for two hours I lay watching TV with my 18 pound bundle of snoring stayed on my chest sleeping and for most of that time I was thankful that I didn’t have to go to the bathroom – until I HAD to.

Anyway, for this weeks’ Writer’s Workshop I chose to write about what I like the most about my baby’s room.

Now I love just about everything about my daughter’s room. If you ask my wife she is going to say she loves the wall decorations best!

I agree that they came out amazing, but I am a guy and we like different things. I like the changing table and crib the best.

OK, I MAINLY like these the best because I put them together myself and I think they are really good looking as well as the fact that I picked out the crib! We were at BuyBuyBaby I think and we were looking at all the cribs. We were astonished at how expensive these things were and we didn’t even like them that much. The one crib we did like we did not purchase.

The crib was nice and well-made but now, 9 months later, I am glad we didn’t buy it because it would not have worked for us. It was a crib with an attached changing table next to it. I thought it was great and it was less expensive than the other ones we were looking at which we didn’t even like that much. Now that it’s 9 months later, I know that it would have been WAY too small and we would have needed to buy a changing table anyway. But while walking through the store we happened across their clearance section. They had TONS of things and they were so much less expensive than the other ones we didn’t even like. We couldn’t even find any real problems with any of the pieces.

We found 2 cribs we really liked and they were both the same price, which was over $150 less than anything we had seen. My wife liked one and I liked this one better. After talking to the sales person, we found that the one Erica wanted was discontinued so finding parts for it, such as the side rails to make it a full bed, or the side to make it a toddler bed, would not be easy to find.

The one I liked was current, so buying the parts would not be a problem at all when the time came.

After we talked about it for a while, she ultimately agreed with me and this is the crib we picked and it’s been AWESOME.

It’s made by a company called Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, which is a furniture company based in Canada. When we bought the crib, it did not have a box or instructions on how to assemble it after they disassembled it and gave it to us. I put together 80% of it, but then I was a little stuck for the rest so I emailed the company. To my surprise they called me back a few hours later and even emailed me a copy of the instructions in .pdf form.

This crib has been with our little MJ since she was 3 months old and now she is getting so big so fast that we had to lower the mattress level.

I think it’s my favorite piece because it looks amazing but also because it was the first thing I essentially built for my little girl.

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


If you are a reader of my Blog, you know I am a huge fan of all the shows on HGTV. I love Do-It-Yourself projects, both watching others but more so doing my own. One of the projects, which is also a passage of manhood is doing the lawn. Every winter the lawn dies off and is completely yellow by the time spring comes around.

After cleaning up all the toys and other debris off the lawn, I like to prep the lawn for a nice look all spring/summer/fall. Usually we use just the basic fertilizer spreader which holds about 4 lbs of fertilizer, is messy to set up and I usually get more fertilizer and/or grass seeds all over the place. But making messes are also a right of passage… as is getting yelled at by the wife for making said mess!

This year I learned of a new system I am going to try. It’s called the Scotts® Snap® Spreader System. It is from the same makers as Miracle grow as well as our current seed spreader. There are a few things different about this system. The system auto-sets the proper flow rate, so no spreader settings are required! It uses special Snap Pac seeds which connect to the spreader easier and with no mess. And when I am done, if I have some left over I don’t have to worry about more mess because the bag seals upon removal and that is a lot less mess for me over all. This also translates into less yelling from my wife and less work having to clean up more mess.


With the Edgeguard system the seeds are directed where I want instead of all over the lawn, sidewalk, driveway, porch, well you get the idea.

I would definitely suggest checking out the Scotts ® Snap® Spreader System. Also “like” Snap perks on Facebook so you can be in the know of great promotions and contests from Scotts and, starting March 7th, 2012 they are starting a “perks” program so make sure you check it out! Snap perks on Facebook


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