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Being a tech geek, one of the biggest problems which people experience when they are either buying a new computer, fixing an issue with their existing computer or upgrading their computer – is that they lose data. Most people do not run regular backups and then when they go looking for those pictures from the last family get together, they are gone.

That is exactly what Data Loss Prevention is. Backing up your information so all that important data is available to you when you need it. Whether it’s pictures, videos or data bases as well as making sure your employee, customer and internal company data is kept secure.

CDW explains it as the 4 Fatal Gaps which are:

THREAT MANAGEMENT.  This is your first line of defense against any data loss and security breaches.   Your business should have an IT department hard at work making sure that all threats are stopped before they cripple your business.

MOBILITY & ALWAYS-ON SECURITY.  Businesses these days are always on the move.  Smartphones and laptops carry so much sensitive information about our personal info and account if that without the proper tools, that information could fall into the wrong hands and pose a huge risk.  A small number of business laptops and phones are lost but nearly none are recovered.  

DATA LOSS PREVENTION.  Most of the issues where I worked were employees downloading, sharing, compromising, or unknowingly leak data to outside sources that could pose a threat to your business.  Having preventive measures and protocols will stop the leaks before they happen.

SECURING THE CLOUD.  The cloud, being a relatively new saving method, must be secured with data encryption and should be reinforced by firewalls and web proxies. There are even ways of bringing in devices top create your own cloud for your business accessible from any computer with internet access.

If you have any questions about these points, here:

You should check out CDW at: 4 Fatal Gaps  for deals as well as tips and tricks for protecting your internal data and network.

I found their website very user friendly and easy to navigate to find what I needed. I can see why many IT departments use CDW when looking for new solutions.

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Everyone has bad days. We have crap we deal with from our spouses, co-workers, job, even these dumbass street traffic cams so they can mail your tickets to you if you don’t wait the allotted 3 seconds. (I can’t believe they haven’t figured out that its pretty easy to just take a side street and avoid the dumb thing altogether!). The stress can be maddening! ( I think my daughter has me watching too much bubble guppies)

Sometimes I even wonder why we decided to add more stress by having kids. I mean they are cute and cuddly, but they cry and don’t let us sleep for the first, what, 3 years? I haven’t even hit the 1 year mark and we still have MANY more years to go!

Before Kids we were able to just go out and see a movie or just go away for a weekend on a moments notice. We have not been in a movie theater in over 7 months. Thank goodness for RedBox.

Some days I just come home from work and just want to relax and watch whatever the DVR taped or study or just watch YouTube videos on the internet. Most days I can… until about midnight or 1 (I work until 11pm). Then the inevitable happens. A certain 2 foot tall member of our family starts to cry. I rush in to calm her so my wife can sleep longer. She works the 9-5 and I want her to sleep as long as she can because when she doesn’t get enough sleep she is a grumpy sweet person!

Usually it only takes about 2 minutes to sooth her and give her a pacifier and she is back to sleep. But some nights, she stays up because she wants to cuddle, usually with mommy. I usually hang on to her for a few minutes and then bring her in to Erica so she can have more Mommy and baby time.

But there is an oxymoron to this situation. By adding the extra stress of being responsible for another human, for having to lose sleep so she can eat when she needs to as she can’t take care of herself yet, for lowering our bank account because no one told us that babies are expensive! They aleve more stress than they create.

When I come home and I am annoyed about how lazy some of these people at work are and how abusive they are towards us. When a patient who has basically destroyed their body and is taking out on us because we are not “just giving her a pill to fix it all”, when that idiot decided to be in a rush and nearly killed me and the other 3 cars all around us because they decided they needed to get in the far left lane instead of just coming into traffic and then merging for the U-turn at the next light. There is always something that makes me feel 100% better.

I walk into my house, put my keys down and then when MJ finally looks up from her Leapfrog learning center and sees me, she gets this BIG smile and then comes crawling for me. Then all the bad stress just erases in those few seconds it takes her to cross the floor and use me as her stool so she can stand up. (Why didn’t the baby manual tell us they go from not being able to crawl to crawling across a 20 foot floor in 3 seconds). When my wife walks in the door and I know she is coming in, I start saying “Where is mommy? Who is coming in the door?” and she looks at the door with a what-are-you-talkin’-about-willis look and then gets this HUGE smile on her face and says “Momma” and you can see how unstressed and happy my wife is for that.

Right now, as I am writing this, I am stressing about all this reading I have to get done for school within the time frame I have given myself and I get anxious. Then Nick Jr. starts playing her favorite cartoon and she crawls over and starts to laugh that little belly laugh that babies have when they are happy and tired. Or maybe she is pooping, I’m not quite sure. But she is happy and her happiness makes all my bad things all go away!

With all this stress, the best thing we did was add more stress to our lives so we would have less stress!

Thank you MJ. Mommy and Daddy love you!

And just in case you didn’t believe me, here is a little video of MJ giving her belly laugh and tell me it doesn’t make you smile! Sorry the quality is not the best but every time she sees a camera she stops what she is doing and just stares at the camera so it was a little rushed.

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I decided to do this writing prompt but I had a difficult time figuring out which time I was going to choose. I mean there were MANY times I was caught doing something I was not supposed to be doing.

I was not a bad kid. I listened to my parents for the most part.

I ate my vegetables at least the ones I did not feed to the dog under the table.

I was never in trouble with the police truthfully; it was only because they could never catch us.

The time that stuck out the most was this one time when I really was bad. I think it stuck out to me because I was embarrassed by my actions and still am to this day.

Well, I was hanging around with my friend Tom. We were just hanging around and we went for a walk or something. I don’t remember. Anyway, we lived near these factories and everyone always cut through the factory parking lot because it was faster to go to the next block.

As we were walking up the driveway I found a can of spray paint. Yeah, you see where this is going.

In all honesty, our first reaction was “cool. We could use this on the model car I am doing!” I am sure it was probably more specific, but I am not Poppy Montgomery from Unforgettable and I cannot remember everything. Well we continued on and for some dumbass reason I thought it would be a good idea to spray paint on the factory wall. I have no idea why especially since I had never done that before. I think it was the fact that the wall already had a lot of graffiti on it. I mean I did grow up in New York.

So we spray painted on the wall, but halfway through, Tom stopped, looked over and there was this very large woman watching us. We booked out of there and ran down the street.

Tom dropped the spray paint and I picked it up again. That was dumbass mistake number 2. We ran a couple of blocks over and I suggested to Tom that we run the other way and go through the shortcut through the woods. He thought going by the school was a better idea and as we were by the school walking about to go to the back of the school a large car screeched up to us and a guy jumped out. He yelled at us and told us we had to paint over the wall and that we had to bring him to our parents.

I was scared silly. The thing was, he did not want us in his car, he wanted us to walk home and he would follow us. I told Tom that I still think we should go by the woods and then run into them. The path took us to 3 different streets and his car could not fit and he was WAY too big to catch us on foot.

But we did the right thing. We went home.

My Mom was pissed. She agreed with the man and was very embarrassed about my behavior. I think that is why I was embarrassed as well. I apologized to the man MANY times and my mother. We accepted our punishment. I think what was worse was the humiliation I felt when I would hear my mother tell the family what I did. I don’t mean my Dad and Brother. I mean she told them and my brother made me feel like a complete idiot about it. I was an idiot. Bu I mean she would be talking to Aunts or Uncles that we hadn’t hear from in months and then she would say how I painted on the wall.

A couple of days later we went to the factory to paint the wall and the wall had been painted already. Apparently, they caught some other older kids painting on the wall and they painted it.

What REALLY made our actions reallllly bad? It was what we painted.

We painted our names on the wall. We were 13 at the time and all 13 year olds are idiots. We just proved the point a little more.

What did you do and were caught doing?

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