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I have always been nervous about meeting a girlfriend’s family the first time. Not, stumble over my words nervous, just I hope they like me nervous. Normally they do, but the rare times I knew they would like me; those were the times they didn’t and all the nervous times, they did like me but I felt they didn’t.

With my wife, the first time I talked to her parents was on circumstances which would make the meeting even more nerve-wracking. We were out on a date at the Vanderbilt Mansion and Planetarium and while on the tour of the house, Erica started to feel a little faint. She decided not to say anything, hoping it would pass, but then she leaned into me and hugged me. I thought it was great because this awesome woman I was out with just randomly hugged me, but then she sort of clung on. I asked her if she was ok and she shook her head no and then she fainted. I caught her and helped her to a chair and her head went straight back, which hyperextended her neck and cut off her air so she started turning blue. The nursing student in me said to get her to the floor so I did and she started breathing and then 3 or 4 seconds later she sat up like nothing happened. We went to the hospital and she was just slightly dehydrated, but while at the hospital I had to go outside and make the call to her parents, whom I had not met yet, and tell them what happened.


“Hi. This is Jim, Erica’s boyfriend.” I wasn’t her boyfriend yet but it made it easier than saying the guy who just started dating your daughter and now she is in the hospital.

“Oh, Hi Jim. How is everything?”

“Well, we are out at the Vanderbilt and, I just want to say she is fine, but Erica fainted so we are now at the hospital getting her checked out.”

“Oh. She is ok?”

“Yeah the doctor says she was just a little dehydrated. We forgot to bring her bottled water with us and it was hot and a small area we were in.”

“Ok. Should we come down?”

“If you want to but we should be leaving here soon and everything seems to be ok, but if you want to definitely come down.”

“Well if you are leaving soon and she is ok, just have her call me. This happens to her from time to time.”


“Yeah, once I was brushing her hair and she just passed out and I went downstairs to call the ambulance and the next thing I knew, here comes Erica acting like nothing happened.”

“Oh. Well I will make sure we always have water for her from now on. I am so sorry this is the way we first talk.”

And that was my first conversation with her mom. SO when we went over their house a few weeks later for dinner I was very nervous. Her Dad made some jokes about it, but they were very nice about it. They did say they were glad it was handled well and not to worry about it. We had a good day with her parents and now, as my in-laws, they are still great about things. Luckily, she has not passed out again since that date, but we always make sure she has her bottled water with her!


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