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This weeks Writer’s Workshop choice for me was 10 things I would do if I didn’t have to work.

Now, I am assuming we won the lottery or something and money is not an issue, because I know if it was anything less than that I would insist on working. But since the assignment is not that, here is my list:

  1. Spend time everyday doing something with my family

    I spend time with my family every day, but I would spend it doing things we enjoy, since we wouldn’t have a time constraint of going to work.

  2. Spend more time for myself

    I do things for myself, but usually I am interrupted a million times between the baby crying, my wife needing help with something I know its ok for MJ to cry but it’s so hard, as a new parent, to hear her crying and not do anything about it.

  3. Take a family only vacation at least once a year instead of the usually run to visit the in laws type of vacation.

    Right now our vacations consist of going up to Maine and visiting the in laws, and dealing with all that stress so a vacation is a stresscation. I want to have at least one vacation a year just the family, just me, my wife and kid(s) and doing something fun. More than likely it will be a kid-centered vacation like going to the Crayola factory (I SO cannot wait to go… for the kids that is!) or Hershey park, but something we would all enjoy.

  4. Spend more time with my Blog

    I spend a little time with my Blog but I would love to spend more and become better at it, and the more you do something the better you become at it. Right now, I only have a couple of hours to spend reading blogs and writing mine, so more time with that would be awesome.

  5. Do something new at least once a week

    I would love to something different and new every week, like join an indoor rock climbing gym or go kayaking or rent jet skis.

  6. Make a Vlog and be consistent with it.

    I have ALWAYS wanted to get into blogging, but I never seem to get there. I have a lot of footage recorded and I have not edited a single piece and the first thing I did post was a REALLY bad movie review. I would like to do that because it is fun to record and edit, and it’s also fun to share part of my life with other… just like this Blog.

  7. Get back in shape

    I used to be in REALLY great shape. Then somewhere in my 30s it all fell apart. I know I can get back into shape again, and I know it is just a matter of time before I find the time and accomplish this.

  8. Fulfill my pact to hike a mountain 1000 feet higher every year

    I made a pact with my cousin (who now doesn’t talk to me or anyone else in the family anymore, but that’s a different Blog entry) that we would hike a mountain 1000 feet higher every year. We started with Mt Adams. The next year we did Mt. Khatadin (at 5280 feet) and the next year we did Mt Mitchell (at 6288 feet) and I have yet to go to South Dakota and hike the 7000+ foot mountain there, but I will get there, until I hike all the highest points in the US.

  9. Watch my beautiful daughter grow up

    We are having a GREAT time watching our daughter grow. She is only 3 months old but she is SO much different that she was went we first brought her home. She is developing her own personality, she recognizes both myself and my wife and she knows how much I love waking up to her smiles and she smiles EVERY morning when she sees me! I know there are going to be rough patches (most likely from 14-17) but we will all get through them together.

  10. Learn a second language.

    I have always wanted to learn a second language and if I didn’t have to work, I would have time to!



    So that is my list. It sounds a little more like a bucket list than a to do list, but I think I can achieve every single one of them.



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This past weekend was the first time since our baby was born 2 ½ weeks ago that we took her out. I mean we took her to the doctor’s office but never, really out. Once my wife did take her when she went for a walk up and down our street a few times, but she was back in 10 minutes. This time was a REAL outing.

When I talk outing, I mean OUTING! With strollers and diaper bags and car seats and all that fun stuff that we NEVER had to bring with us before.

I thought Erica would be REALLY nervous about it, but she actually seemed really excited about it! I was so proud of her. It was actually her idea.

We loaded the baby in the car seat after Erica had stocked the diaper bag with everything needed for ANY baby emergency. We had diapers and formula and Erica even sunscreened the baby! Everything was set.

I put her in her car seat on the base in my truck and we left, looking forward to the adventure we were about to embark on… for the first time (But CERTAINLY not the last!).

And our adventure started out great… for 8 blocks. Then we had to turn around and get the stroller which was in Erica’s car and we were in my truck. But after THAT, we were TOTALLY on the way!

I felt Erica may have been a little nervous with us driving with the baby, and honestly, I was a little as well, so I took back roads all the way to Caumsett State Park. This place is really nice and we had been there once before. Well, I had been there before but I was like 14 or 15 and I was with Mark and everyone during one of our bicycle rides.

Erica had been there before as well and Erica and I had only been there once during the time we were dating. We took our bikes and road around because there is this really long and nice paved pathway all around the grounds.

We walked about 2 or 3 miles total. We took a walk past this big tree where everyone carves their names and whatnot. I went and took some pictures of the tree while Erica fed the baby up on the trail.

We wound up at the main mansion and took more pictures. I remember when Erica and I had been there last she would not let me take a picture of her because she hated pictures. Well, during the course of our dating, I have convinced her that pictures are awesome and now she loves taking pictures. I mean pictures are all we have left to show where we went, and that we were here at some point.

Although it was a VERY hot day, Megan was very comfortable. She slept for almost all of it, but I am pretty sure she loves rides in the car and in the stroller. It was definitely good for us to get out. More for Erica than for myself as I have been going to work for the last week. People can become a little testy when they are cooped up too long. Erica has been AMAZING in spite of not really going out since giving birth, but I am sure she was very happy to be out in fresh air and reclaiming some semblance of our life.

We know our lives are dramatically changed forever… and we are happy and excited about it. We are still learning how we are going to cope and adjust to these changes… but we are looking forward to these changes. We are looking forward to our daughter growing up (but hoping it doesn’t happen too fast). We are also looking forward to all the positive changes that are coming to us after all these negative ones which have happened over the last year!

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