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I am dumbfounded, astonished and, sad to say, embarrassed about what I read a couple of days ago. It made me embarrassed to be an American and I am VERY proud to be an American.

My browser homepage is Google and I set it up to show me the news. One of the first things I saw was about a fire department that actually sat back and watched a resident’s house burn to the ground because he did not pay his fire department fee, or whatever they call it.

Apparently, the town the resident lived in does not have a volunteer fire department so the nearby city who does have a fire department charges $75 a year for the fire protection. The resident, whether they forgot to pay it or decided to not pay it with the economy‚Ķ to me it doesn’t matter. Because the resident didn’t pay the 911 operator told them tough luck. Since you didn’t pay, we will not be coming. So then the neighbors, who DID pay called and the fire department came but did not do anything and were ordered to sit by and do nothing!!! All because of $75?!?!?!?

Is this what the nation has become? If you do not pay, we will let your life’s work, memories, etc just burn to ashes? What happened to doing the right thing by your fellow man? What about just being humane and helping out someone in need! They were there. They had water and hoses! They not only allowed someone’s home burn along with all their dearly possessions, they also allowed the persons dogs and cats burn to death! I call BULLS#!T on that one.

There was a time when an entire town would come to the aide of anyone who was in need. If someone’s barn went on fire all the neighbors would come running with buckets of water and do anything they could to help. But here it is the TWENTY FIRST century and because of the measly amount of $75 these sorry excuse of people who are NOT firefighters but crummy excuses for human beings let animals burn to death and a person’s life go up in smoke.

I truly hope Karma comes around to each and every one of those pitiful excuses in that fire company and gives them exactly what they deserve. $75 dollars. Regardless of any reason, they should have done the right thing and helped. We are supposed to help each other out and by not doing so shows that instead of evolving as a species, we are devolving as human beings.

I am very ashamed and, of course, nothing will happen to the people who allowed this to happen. But if it was a rich asshat who didn’t pay and their house was burning‚Ķ that would be a different story.

I think I am being a bit too hard on people. I think people as a whole, in light of the catastrophe, are good and would have done the right thing. Why this happened is NOT the American way. Why these firefighters actually followed the order is beyond me and THEY suck. The jerk who called the order, he needs to have the shoe put on his foot and watch his house burn while no one does a thing to help. I know I don’t plan on staying in New York, but I know for sure that Tennessee is DEFINITELY not where I will ever be moving.


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