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I chose this prompt this week for MamaKats writing workshop because, well, I’m a guy. I fart and take credit for it (actually it just makes my daughter laugh but she laughs at all weird noises), I burp loudly, I play video games, I am a guy which is a translation from Cherokee which means “Big Child” (actually it isn’t from Cherokee but I am sure it means Big child in some language). In fact, I think I am the only guy who participates in this workshop but it’s a great workshop and I can give you at least ONE guy’s perspective on things.

Believe it or not, I am a pacifist. I do not believe in violence or physical altercations, however, I am a big advocate of peace but I am not naïve. I do believe in knowing how to protect yourself and your family so I do hold a belt in Aikido, albeit a small belt but it’s a belt nonetheless.

With all that said, I cannot remember ever really punching anyone or really anything. I think I may have punched a tree once when I was frustrated… but it was a daunting Maple and it had it coming!

Instead, I am going to write about someone I would LIKE to punch and that is the boy monster downstairs. You see, we rent the upstairs of a shared, 2-family house. I have lived in many apartments in my life and have always had consideration for my neighbors around me. I keep things quiet as can be and try not to cause trouble. I have never had a neighbor issue before. My first apartment was in a complex and my next door neighbor liked to listen to his stereo loudly, but at exactly 10pm he turned it down or off. To me that is respecting your neighbors, to a degree.

Now we have lived in this house for 3 ¾ years. The first 3 years it was just me and my wife. 6 months ago we had our daughter and that’s when things that bothered us a little but not too much became just annoyingly rude and inconsiderate.

The boy downstairs is around 9-11 now. Apparently he does not know how to walk because he seems to jump, LOUDLY from room to room. It shakes the house and he does this at ALL HOURS OF THE DAY AND NIGHT. At night I wear headphones when I am watching movies or videos on my computer so as not to bother my wife as well as the neighbors. Now with the headphones on I cannot hear much. My wife has to yell to me if she is in the same room or tap my shoulder to gain my attention, however, I can hear and feel the vibrations from the boy downstairs slamming doors and jumping, sometimes until 1 in the morning.

Over the last 3 years we have been locked out about 10 times, when we only went out to throw out the garbage and we were right in front of the door! After the first 4 times I started ringing their doorbell to be let in as it was their son who locked me out and they act as if they have no idea WHO in their house would have done it. we have to bring our full set of keys just to throw out garbage or cans. Once the boy came out and couldn’t reach the recycle bin from the stoop so I took the bag and threw it out for him and was walking in right behind him… but he had locked me out. Once in the almost 4 years, I went down there when he was jumping and shaking the house for about 5-10 minutes straight at 11:45pm to ask them to stop and he acted like he had no idea what was happening. I had to tell him that someone in his house is jumping and I do not want the baby to wake up. If I can hear it upstairs I am sure they hear it in their house, but he acted like he had no idea what was going on.

It only became worse the next night.

The latest issue was Christmas Eve.

We thought it would be nice to drop off cookies and some other things as a nice gesture for Christmas. I knock on the door and no answer. Now I hear them in the kitchen and their door is no thicker than my own. I knock again and I hear them say “Someone is knocking on the door.” Then the boy opens the door about 4 inches and then slams it shut. The daughter, who is about 3 years older than he is, sort of stated his name and then he opened the door fast. I was holding my daughter because, well, she is cute and whenever they see us they always stop to say hi to her. Luckily I learned a long time ago to keep one foot in front of an outward opening door. If I hadn’t he would have probably hit my 6 month old with the door.

When the door opened the boy was there walking away and giving me a VERY mean look and the daughter came over and I gave her the gifts and said Merry Christmas, but at that moment I wanted to grab the little turd by the neck.

We are in awe of how rude they let this boy act. They never make him apologize. Once, when I rang their bell to be let in because he locked the screen door, he opened the door without looking at at the door and walked away as I am slamming on the door for him to unlock it. The mother was right there and unlocked it but didn’t say one word to him. Maybe I am old fashioned or brought up differently, but if that was my son I would have made him march out and apologize to them for locking them outside.

Even as I am writing this the jumping and door slamming is going on downstairs.

So this boy is definitely someone I would really like to punch and maybe knock some sense into. We have talked to the parents about the noise level in general (I didn’t want to point out the boy to avoid issues) and they say they will do what they can. Nothing happened. I talked to the landlord, who coincidentally is the father/grandfather to the parents and kids downstairs and he said the same thing. He will talk to them but nothing. So the only thing left for me to do is when they are loud is for me to jump on the floor and make noise back. I am hoping they will get the message but I doubt it.

So now we are on the quest for a new place to live until I finish school and we can move out of New York… but that was a different older post in itself.

Has anyone ever had to deal with loud, rude, inconsiderate neighbors?


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We, my wife and I that is, do not HATE New York, but we are not happy here. There are many aspects of New York we do like and enjoy… unfortunately we do not live near those areas. We are more of an outdoorsy, mountain kind of people and not the city dwellers which is what the area we live in mainly is.

We live on Long Island. We both grew up here and there were many things in our growing up that we loved. However, with change of times comes changes we neither like nor accept. Growing up in the 70’s (for me) and 80’s (for her) was great.

We knew all our neighbors and they always looked out for us.

We would ride bicycles EVERYWHERE if we wanted to get there and could do so without fear of anything bad happening.

We would stay out late during the summer to catch lightning bugs, play games in the street like Freeze tag or Red Light Green Light 1-2-3 or even make up new games such as Ringolevia 1-2-3.

We both have very fond memories of growing up on Long Island. We were happy most times, and not so happy other times. But things change and, we feel, not for the best in the way Long island is concerned. We both feel Long Islanders have developed an attitude that money is what you need to be happy. People with money feel they are given special immunities from the rules and regulations that we all must abide by. I think its like that everywhere with people who are wealthy. But on Long Island, they take it a step further and look down on people who do not have money. Even if they have money and they have more, the more looks down upon the less.

We think it would be nice to have a lot of money, but neither of us would look down upon people regardless of their economic status. We judge people by their own, personal actions to things. We think if more people made judgements based on actions rather than prejudice this place would be heaven on earth. But we also know, as long as there is difference of opinion, there will always be prejudice and hate and all the bad things that come from it.

Also, Long islanders have become lazy. We have lived in the same house for almost 3 years and we have no idea who our neighbors are. There are never kids playing games in the street like we did, and the street is a very quiet street (but we do get people yelling sometimes and kids cursing their brains out from time to time). I walk a few miles every other day and I have yet to pass a kid on a bicycle, and I walk through the main street village!

But the main thing about Long Island that we dislike is that Long Island has made it a place young people cannot thrive in. Or really afford a house. And if they DO manage to afford a house, the property taxes and mortgage along with all the other cost-of-living expenses make it unable to thrive. I would say around 75% or more of the households are 2 income households. They have to in order to afford the house and such.

So, although the salary may be less by leaving New york, with the cost of living… less=more.

Besides, we are a family who likes to go for a hike, or look out the window and see mountains. Or maybe go away for a weekend and not have to pay $20 each way just to cross the bridges which allow us to exit Long Island.

It will mean sacrifices, but overall they are sacrifices we are happy to make. Where are we going? Nothing is set in stone, but when it is… I will definitely Blog about it!

Thank you for listening to my rant.

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