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Sunday we had the Christening for my daughter. It was nice and small, but it took us a while to get there!

Now I am not a religious person. In fact, I sort of have it against the church in so many ways. Aside from the molestation charges and porn arrests, regardless that I feel the church is a sham who fabricated their own workings to make it work for them… what I am most against the church is that when I needed my mother the most, she is not here yet day after day in the ER I see horrible people do horrible things to themselves, as well as others, yet they live comfortable lives for years after having the same type of cancer my mother had.

That is also why I wanted to have a christening… for my mother. We were even using the christening gown which my mother used for myself and my sister. Furthermore, it was made by a family friend from my mother’s wedding dress!

Now going to the christening was easy, setting it up… not THAT was a completely different story.

The first church we decided on was a beautiful church which my wife had gone to a couple of times and said she liked it called St. Paul’s.

Ok, no problem. We will just call up the church, talk to the priest/pastor or whatever he is called and set it up, right? Wrong!

My wife calls the church. No answer. Now isn’t that ironic that not only do prayers go unanswered, but so does the phone at the church! Anyway, she leaves a message. A week later she still has not heard back from anyone from the church.

So she tells me this so I call and a secretary picks up. Really? Pastors have secretaries now? I was thinking it was his wife until she tells me she will email the pastor as that is her only communication with him. Now THAT is odd. I learned that priests and church take a vow of poverty yet this priest not only has a secretary but has a computer and an email address?

Anyway, she tells me she will mark it down for September 18th and call us back in a week. She doesn’t call.

Now, this doesn’t surprise me at all, but in the mean time we asked our family to be godparents. We knew who we wanted.. sort of. I had every intention of asking my brother to stand in for my daughter as he had me stand in for his first daughter. My sister wanted my sister but felt it would be weird to have both my brother AND sister as the godparents of our daughter so she opted to ask my cousin Debbie. I thought this was perfect because my daughter was named Megan as that was the name my mother was going to name my sister, before he vetoed it, and her middle name is Joan after my Aunt Joanie… Debbie’s mother.

Then a problem arose. Both my brother and cousin are Catholic as I am. My wife is ½ Jewish but was never raised religious in any way. That was why she looked into religions and churches and since her father was raised Lutheran she felt that was a good fit.

Apparently, in the Lutheran religion and many others, one or both godparents must be of the religion of baptism.

We were still waiting for the pastor to call us back so I called him again to find out if this is true since, I know from person experience, anything in the church can be adjusted for the right price.

After the second call gone unanswered and never hearing once from the pastor via phone or email, we decided to look elsewhere.

Where we went was PERFECT! The church was the Wantagh memorial Congregational Church.

My wife was happy and impressed with this choice right away.

First, she called and left a message and the actual pastor called immediately, not a secretary.

She also said she felt very good and comfortable with him. Another plus!

My wife had been christened congregational so having our daughter christened in the same faith seemed perfect.

We met with the pastor and he was the absolute nicest man I think I have ever met. He was down to earth and was not judgmental or cultish as I was thinking.

He said he understood that people are not religious nowadays but did ask that when she is of age, that she attend Congregational Sunday school. That was it! He didn’t care that my godparents, who I know would help us raise our daughter to be good and strong, were not congregational. He didn’t even care whether we “donated” anything monetarily to the church. He just seemed genuinely glad to just baptize our daughter and that we had chosen to do so.

He showed me the church and I loved it. They even have a “quiet room” which is a room of glass within the church with pews for people who happen to have children which may need a distraction in order for them to not disrupt the sermon as well as allow the parent to still hear and participate in the service. I thought that was not only cool, but I felt my mother would have LOVED that idea for me when I was growing up!

The baptism is actually part of the service so he performed his sermon and then performed the Baptism with us and the rest of the parishioners. After everything he held our daughter and then walked with her through the church and they both loved it… until we almost had a little meltdown and then he walked back to us. In actuality, she was upset because she loves being walked around and he stopped walking so she started to become upset. LOL.

I have to say that this is the first time I can ever think of that I have nothing but good feelings and good things to say about a church. And I am so glad my wife and I and our family did it. Another plus is that the pastor, he’s also a blogger!


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