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I was never an Apple fan. I always felt the tech was overpriced and overhyped. But I have always had a great respect for Steve Jobs. Anything the man touched turned to gold because of his innovativeness, perfectionism and attention to detail of what the public wants.

The first, and only, Apple tech item I own is an iPod Touch 2nd Generation. I use this for everything from running (Nike +) to drug books (I am a Nursing Student).

The way his mind worked and he took the knowledge that digital media was not a fad and made EXTREMELY popular devices around such as the iPod and iPhone is simply amazing. He revolutionized the industry.

About 10 years back tablets were designed. They were different and the technology of the time made them heavier and slower, but once technology evolved enough, he made the iPad tablet PC and it took off! Now everyone wants a tablet. Initially the name iPad was not a good idea but he knew, given enough time, the name would even catch on… and it has.

Apple always thrived when he was at the wheel and now, the future is not so clear.

Steve Jobs was an innovator and true technology legend.

He will be sorely missed, even from us PC fans.

Thank you Steve Jobs for all you did for us!

February 24th, 1955 – October 5th, 2011


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