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Recently I was looking up phones. This is my new thing since getting an android phone and realizing that an Apple iPhone is not the end all for a smart phone. Now I love my Android phone, but there are limitations to it. I mean it is now made for my T-Mobile prepaid network.

LG DoublePlay™

I came across the LG doubleplay™ which is a REALLY nice looking phone. This is a new phone on the T-Mobile network. Initially, it looks like a normal Android cell phone with a 3.5″ main display and running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), which gives access to all the apps available on the Android Market… and there are TONS of them on there. It also has 7 customizable home screens for organization as well as 9 shortcuts on the touchscreen display for easy navigation. (My current phone only has 5 and I have them customized for Games, Work, Social media, etc.). I like a nice thin, small phone because I work in an ER and need a phone I can keep in my pocket for convenience since I input my patients vital signs into my phone until I can put them in the chart as well as house my drug book for reference.

The more I looked at this phone; it seemed it had a very odd slide out keyboard. The slide out keyboard is essentially cut in half as it also houses a customizable 2.0″ display making this phone great for social networking. You can play Angry Birds on the 3.5″ display while keeping up with twitter or text message on the lower display. Or surf the web one display while scanning emails on the other. And both screens are touchscreens for added ease of operation.

Of course, the phone also comes with the built-in virtual Android keyboard which also uses Swype® which, if you haven’t used it is a GREAT feature. What Swype® does is allow you to enter text on your phone by running your fingers over the keyboard to the letters you want and it is about 95% accurate in choosing the correct word you were looking for. If it is confused about a word, which I have found to be more active with 3 letter words, if shows a pop-up box with choices of words it thinks you may have meant. It even learns from your choices and makes your last choice the first choice should the same swype ® and confusion occur. I love this feature in my current phone as it makes text input much easier and faster.

Android also has voice-to-text as well. When you are looking to input text, the text box has this little microphone next to it. Click on the microphone and then just talk to the phone and it will translate the speech to text. For longer texts this is VERY convenient. Unfortunately, this feature also requires connection to the internet via cell connection or Wi-Fi connection to work.

Now, I also take a TON of pictures especially of my gorgeous 6-month old daughter so a camera phone and video are also important to me. My current phone has a 3.2 megapixel camera. No flash. So when I need to take a picture for my daily picture of MJ to my wife, I have to make sure I have good lighting or I have to turn on lights to make sure the shot is good. The video on the phone is not very good, but since I always have a pocket camcorder on me I do not fret about it much.

The LG Doubleplay™ has a 5.0 megapixel camera, which is MORE than adequate for the shot you need and is has a flash. For video it has the ability to recorder up to 720HD. Now, everyone likes the “bigger numbers means better” cameras, but a 1080HD video takes nearly twice as long to load as a 720 video and the quality is not very visible with the naked eye. All I ever look for in video is 720. In fact, both my pocket camcorder and bigger camcorder can both handle 1080HD recording, but I have them both always set to 720. It makes uploading to Facebook, YouTube or sending video via texting easier and faster.

If I could get a new phone, I think the LG Doubleplay™ would be the phone for me. And since the phone is exclusive on T-Mobile, which is my current provider already, I know the service and quality is there. My T-Mobile has coverage in my job where other, bigger named providers who I will not name, do not have any service.

Further, for social networking this phone offers CloudText™ and GroupText™ which allows users to have the ability to send and receive texts for a PC or Tablet or create chat-groups for faster, more efficient content sharing. So for social media and content sharing, the LG DoublePlay™ seems to be the ultimate Social Networking phone.

Now, I do send texts and pictures via messaging but it’s not really that excessive. Do you text a lot? If so how many texts do you send each month or how many hours a day do you spend texting or keeping up with your social networks? And, of course, never text and drive. Also, how many hours do you spend with social networking whether it’s your blog or reading someone else’s, Facebook or YouTube. I am sure the LG Doubleplay™ would make your experience much better, but how do you think this phone would change the way you interact with your social networks? Whether it’s your subscribers or playing catch up on your favorites. Let me know in the comments. You know we all love to hear from our readers and feedback ROCKS!!

The only way I think this phone could be any better is if they sent me one for free! Which it esentially is on the T-Mobile network with a 2 year contract.

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