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This week for the writer’s workshop I chose the top 10 TV shows. These are the shows that I grew up watching. Most were educational in some fashion but some were just only there for entertainment purposes. Although I feel it is important to learn, I also think it is important to relax and just entertain. Here is the list of TV shows I grew up with:

  1. You can’t do that on Television

    I grew up with this show and it was my favorite for a VERY long time. I still remember, over 20 10 years later that saying “I Don’t Know” meant you were going to be slimed and saying “Water” meant a bucket of water was going to be dumped on your head! I remember the introduction to the opposites and locker jokes. Although I want my daughter to watch educational shows, when she is old enough to understand it all, I also think some brainless, comedic down time (besides the kind of brainless humor I will provide) is also needed.

  2. The facts of Life

    This was a good show at the time. It touched on topics needed to be addressed like when Blair fell out of love with her boyfriend of a very long period of time and Mrs. Garrett explained how that can happen and its ok if that happens. My wife sill misses this show as well.

  3. Buck Roger’s in the 25th Century

    This was a good show. It was not as good as Star Trek: Next Generation that actually explored space, possibilities as well as many of the star trek concepts which are based on possibilities and even being worked on today, such as a light speed engine for us to explore beyond our galaxy.

  4. Zoom

    This was my after school show. I don’t remember a lot of it but I do remember that its main theme was making friends and friendships. I even remember a little of the theme song! ” Come on and zoom down to my zoom… come on and zooma zooma zooma zoom… everyone is doing it everyone is making it fly high!” Ok maybe the theme song is more about giving in to peer pressure and maybe drugs? Maybe we will cross this one off the list!

  5. Electric Company

    This was a good educational show. I remember at one point they wanted to try and bring this show back, but what was good for the 70’s is not good for the 21st century. Keeping things up to date and with current needs of kids who are getting smarter and learning more at a faster rate is needed.

  6. The Incredible Hulk

    I used to watch this show on Wednesday nights, I believe. I think bringing it back with a little more educational theme would be good. I mean Bruce is wondering the US trying to find a cure why not go a little further into the chemistry of what he is trying to do or maybe a little more geography about the places he is traveling to. Granted, as the hulk, he rips his pants to pieces and yet his pants and clothes are fine when he changes back and he ALWAYS found his wallet by the end of the show… go figure.

  7. Mr. Wizards World

    This was a GREAT learning show. I used to try some of the experiments with the show, when my parents let me. My mother was a great person, but not very supportive of things like this. I know I plan on letting our daughter try anything like this that she wants to. If she is anything like me, she learns more from doing and from a mistake than from only watching or reading.

  8. Three’s Company

    This is just great slapstick comedy and my wife LOVES this show. Our DVR is usually full of reruns of the show she tapes because she loves it so much.

  9. Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

    This was a good educational program. Although, I never knew that Mr. Rogers was a minister but it was obvious that religion was not a part of the show so I think that is good. Informing kids of cultures and information is great, this way they can form their own opinion of things.

  10. Mork & Mindy

    How could you NOT like Mork and Mindy! It was the only show that made me laugh for 30 minutes both as a child AND as an adult. I still think Orson was a jerk for not letting Mork return home when he wanted to but he did have a mission.

Do you remember any of these?



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