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Ok. Just like every other person on the planet, there are things which annoy me. I mean REALLY annoy me. Some things only annoy me slightly while other things are WAY on the top of my SHUT THE HECK UP list. You know the list I am talking about. The one where people say these things which sound so asinine that you can’t help but tell the person to shut up and then proceed to give them your feelings on the subject.

Well, the other day I had one of those conversations where I just told the person how idiotic what they were saying sounded.

When I have these conversations, I always give myself time to think things through just to be sure I am not over reacting about the topic… I wasn’t.

With people at work, some people you become more friendly with than others. Those people you talk to about things as well as ask them about things as well. I was at work and one of these people I am friends with had been on vacation so, since I consider him a friend, I asked him if he did anything and so forth… that’s when the conversation took a turn for the worst.

He said he didn’t go anywhere. I knew he had planned on going to Jamaica with his kids (He is a single father bringing up 2 boys) so I told him I thought he had taken them back to Jamaica.

He stated it was too expensive and when he goes he needs at least 2 weeks. Hey, that sounds great to me. But I asked him if he did anything during his stay-cation. He said “NOOOOO! What are you crazy?”

Huh? Ok, so you take vacation from work. You can’t go back to Jamaica (where you are from originally) to see your family, you didn’t do anything while on vacation, what is the purpose? Now I didn’t say any of this. At this point I am still thinking this, but my way of thinking is – if you are going to take a vacation… do SOMETHING. You can sit home and watch TV anytime. When you have a day off or something, take advantage and do something… ANYTHING. Go to six-flags or go rollerblading, take the kids to see something you wanted to like the Statue of Liberty or the beach at Montauk Point. To me taking a vacation and doing nothing at all is useless… unless you have things you may need/want to get done like home project or just an overload of errands you have been trying to finish. But if you are going to do NOTHING, then go to work and make money, earn more vacation days and then take a vacation when you find something you want to do or a place to go.

Ok, so here we are, talking about his stay-cation and how he didn’t do anything and he thinks I am nuts for suggesting he did something on his week off from work. And now THIS is why I may have become a little annoyed at his thinking.

I suggested he should have done something and he looked at me and he said “there is nothing to do around… not like down in the Carribean.”

WHAT?!?! I think that is BS. I totally agree that the carribbean is gorgeous.. WHICH IS WHY PEOPLE GO ON VACATION DOWN THERE. But if you can’t afford to go or just don’t want to at this time, anything you can do down there you can easily do here in the US.

He said people cannot go snorkeling here. I called BS. I stated I agree I would not WANT to, but then if you want clear water, jump in your car and drive down to the Jersey shore or even go to Virginia beach or the Outer Banks. The water is VERY clear and they even have shipwrecks you can dive down to, if that is your thing.

Then, this is the part where he said he would never do that with his kids because here in the US you have to watch your kids like a hawk, but in Jamaica you don’t.

Again, my brain screamed WHAT?!?!

I told him I completely disagree with him on that because I know many people who went to Jamaica and they had much more stolen then if they stayed in the US. So I looked it up and the murder rate for countries in the world – North America is listed as 6.5 while the Caribbean is listed as 18.1! So the murder rate is just about 3 times that of the US. I also looked up what Jamaican websites state about their own country.

They state if you stay in your vacation resort, your fine. If you are crazy enough to leave (barring excursions to tourist attractions) expect to be violently harassed. They also state if it is not nailed down, expect it to be stolen. Farmers, residents, everyone has their items stolen and cars are expected to be broken into unless you have someone watching it.

I think what also annoyed me is that someone left “their country” to come here to the US and then, in a round about sort of way, bad mouth this country. My country. The good ol’ US of A.

My though is, if your country is so awesome and amazing and so much better than my country of birth… why the heck did you leave it and come here? That tells me that you have a VERY vivid imagination of how “awesome” your country is and you know that the US is much better!

Who would leave a place they love and is great to go somewhere that they do not feel safe with their family?

I am all for relocation and remembering your roots and customs. I love learning new customs in every way. But if I am going to move to a country to live and make a living for my family, I am not only going to learn the language and customs, but I am going to respect the country and the people in it.

It is daily that I help patients in the ER who do not know any English at all. My first thought is that they are visiting or recently relocated, but after talking to them I find they have lived here for DECADES?!? This blows my mind! How can you live in an English speaking country and not learn the language? I would be embarrassed for myself if I moved to Russia or Spain and refused to learn Russian or Spanish, besides thinking that I am disrespecting the residents.

Part of me thinks I am being too harsh. I mean, the United States is a GREAT place. There is someplace here for everyone. There is the ability to create a much better life because our payscale is higher, but then again so is our cost of living.

Sometimes I feel a little spoiled to have the lifestyle I have when there are places that could only dream of these things. I know a lot of people think “well if your situation is really that bad, then do something about it to make it better!” Unfortunately it is not always that easy.

But I do think you should have respect for the country you choose to live in, to be a citizen in. I think that if work to become an American citizen the LAST thing you should do is say how everything here sucks and where you are from originally is so much better. If it is… go back there.

What I think is even more annoying is how close minded these people are. Even with the arguments and the facts about which they are speaking, they still turn it around to make it positive… but only in their mind and they are not smart enough (in my opinion) to realize it.


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